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     Neutrino Geoscience 2010

                         Gran Sasso National Laboratory - Italy

                                        6 - 8 october, 2010



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Neutrino Geoscience 2010 is the fourth international conference dedicated to geo-neutrinos, geo-reactor neutrinos, methods of detection and detector developments. In 2005 KamLAND experiment claimed the first detection of geo-neutrinos: this was hailed with enthusiasm by physicists and geologists. In 2010 two extraordinary results were published by Borexino and KamLAND: the combination of data from multiple sites became available.

Geo-neutrinos are antineutrinos from natural radioactivity inside the Earth and they are a new probe of Earth’s interior. This new field of science bridges neutrino physics and geology, as recently emphasised by numerous papers written by both scientific communities. 

The Gran Sasso Underground Laboratories host Borexino, one of the most important experiments for detecting the geo-neutrinos. In this extraordinary location the conference will bring from around the world leaders in neutrino detection together with experts in geology to share the latest information and to map the path towards future measurements.




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